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Shree Jaya Anand Commerce & Science Senior College (Night)

Shree Jaya Anand Commerce & Science Senior College (Night)


Our Institute strongly believes in the concept of holistic education and strives to achieve its goal of preparing students to meet the challenges that we face in the twenty- first century. We believe it is important to provide education that focuses on the overall development of human personality. Guided by this principle ,we prepare our students not only for academic success but also for life. Based on the principle of Outcome Based Education we have shifted “ the Focus of educational activity from teaching to learning skills to thinking; content to process and teacher instruction to student demonstration.”

We have a well equipped computer lab with wifi connectivity. . Behind all the enriching programmes and the distinctive college experience that SJAC provides for its students lie a forward-looking, competent and collaborative team of professors.

The overall development of the personality of the students is taken care by conducting extracurricular and co-curricular activities such as sports, games, quiz competitions, debate and discussions, cultural activities etc. These activities help students to showcase their talent and creativity. It also helps them to develop their organization and leadership skill and foster a sense of responsibility, discipline and team spirit among them. The faculty members are assigned to support students who participate in these activities. The Institution organizes Sports Meet, Annual Function every year.

Excellence is our passionate motto. Creating successful future citizens of India that make India feel proud again & again in every sphere they work is our aim.

We believe in providing platform for self development and preparing our students to stand in the completion of the professional world. We aspire to advance the frontiers of business knowledge by fostering creative edge research with the aim of refining our student’s inherent ability to make a positive contribution in their groups, communities, firms, families and their personal lives.

There are many hurdles but the will, will always be there. We consider it essential that speed of learning and implementation is vital in a fast changing world and as part of our academic curriculum, we instill this fact in our students so that they learn to adapt to change quickly and move with the times.

Our mission has always been to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of fields including Commerce, Business, Technology and we are deeply committed to an education that can best be described as “applied excellence”. We have an accessible faculty dedicated and committed to teaching, and an educational model that encourages real world experience.

Mrs.Pranali Patade


Course Features

  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Lectures : 250
  • Students : 100