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Presidents Message

“Education is the greatest gift a parent can give to a child, not the legacy of the profession or monetary inheritance. But the knowledge imparted now would be the greatest asset for your child. It will soon be their strength which will guide them, will give them a purpose in life and will discipline them.”

To quote Malcolm X “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Parents should not be left behind in this revolutionary step in education system that now caters to student's overall development. We should use a judicial mix of technology and experience to guide our children. So that one day they develop in to a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens, as it is said “…a handful can change the way the world lives today”. Elders should adapt to changing times but hold up to unchanging principles that have guided our civilization till date.

The essence of education is to bring about a transformation that equips children to attain happiness, peace and tranquility. Education is a quest for excellence and spiritual enlightenment and this is the power that can pave the path to excellence in all fields of human behaviour. We must make our children positive and creative. They should develope an attitude where by they do not think about problems and barriers but about solutions and innovations. Education must teach children to take pride in their abilities. Education must broaden ones horizon it should eventually introduce one to oneself. This renewed system is aimed at providing full opportunity for the development of human traits and gives students full opportunity to develop themselves.

We are opening Junior College in Charai Area for benefit of the Thane citizens. and we assure you quality and modern education at affordable cost.

-Mr. Yogesh Sawant