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DDM Juinor College


1. A student, who has passed S.S.C. examination held by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or any other examination recognized as equivalent by the board, is eligible for admission to the F.Y.J.C. Class. For Science streams, students must secure minimum 40% marks in Science subjects at S.S.C. examination.

2. A student who has passed an examination other than that conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will be admitted provisionally by the college, on submitting the ''Eligibility Certificate'' issued by the Divisional Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Mumbai. For details, contact the college office before taking admission.

3. A student seeking admission to F.Y.J.C. should submit the original school leaving certificate along with a Xerox copy of mark sheet. The original school leaving certificate will not be returned to the student under any circumstances

4. All admissions are provisional unit confirmed by the appropriate authorities wherever necessary.

5. Students seeking admission to F.Y.J.C. classes with duplicate school leaving certificate are required to submit a copy of the police complaint filed for loss of school leaving certificate and an Affidavit. (notarised)

6. Those who do not write home town address while seeking admission, shall not be eligible for long journey concession certificates.

7. All admissions are offered as per the rules laid down by the competent authority. Students who are seeking admission to Xl th Arts / Science / Commerce are required to note that Admission is on merit basis, The Merit is based on the aggregated /percentage marks scored at the qualifying examination and that the seats are earmarked / reserved for different categories of students, as mentioned in tables.

8. As per the Board rules the subjects opted in class Xlth will remain unchanged for Xllth

9. Fees will be refunded as per govt. rules.

i. It is mandatory for students to keep a minimum attendance of 75% of the lectures, practicals and tutorials separately, failing which their terms will not be granted. those who fail to get the terms granted will be eligible to appear fo the annual exam.
ii. SYJC student are required to note that the HSC examination forms are liable to be withdrawn, if they fail to maintain the clause of minimum attendance. SYJC Students are required to submit Project for EVS by 16th September without which they cannot appear for the Board Examination.
iii. Parents are requested to take special note of the mandatory condition of minimum attendance of their ward. Applications of leave of absence on account of bonafide illness or other reasons, deemed genuine by the Principal, should be submitted to the college office (inward section), for condonation of absence. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding in such matters.
iv. To observe the attendance and discipline college has Parents Teachers Association. Parents are requested to become member & attend meetings regularly.

10. Pupils must be in the school premises 10 minutes before the bell rings, students should take particular care to be punctual.
11. Students will have to come to college with identity Cards / Handbooks are compulsory.

12. All students are responsible to the Principal and the teachers for their conduct in and outside the College.

13. Absence without permission from the Principal even for one lecture tentamounts to absence for the whole day.

14. Whenever a student is absent from the class even for a day a note of absence should be recorded in the handbook and duly signed by the Parent.

15. Furnish medical certificate for sick leave of 3 or more days. Prior intimation of illness should be made known to the office.

16. Irregular attendance, habitual want of application, obscenity in words or actions, insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct even outside the school premises or behaviour objectionable to the good tone of the institution are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.

17. If pupils, for unexplained reasons, have been absent from College for more than a month, without any intimation or permission their names are struck off the roll and as a rule they are not to be re-admitted.

18. Any damage done to the College property will have to be made good by those responsible for it. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount will be final.

19. Copying in any of the examinations or tests is a very serious offence, even if it be only for the first time. Students who are found attempting to copy by bringing manuscripts, printed matter etc. even once, at Examination or test will not be eligible for condonation marks and can be expelled from the college.

20. Any student found defaulting seriously or in serious matters will receive serious action even to the point of dismissal. Only those students who like to avail themselves of our formation and who are ready to abide by the above mentioned conditions may please come forward to enrol themselves.

21. Mobiles and other electronic goods are strictly prohibited in the college premises and classrooms. If found they will be confiscated and the students will be fined. Habitual use can lead to cancellation of admission.


Category - I JR

1. Scheduled Caste (SC) 08%
2. Scheduled Tribe (ST) 22%
3. Vumukta Jati (14 and other notified caste (VJ) 03%
4. Nomadic Tribe (28 and other notified tribes) (NT - 1) 2.2%
5. Nomadic Tribe (Dhangar and other notified tribes) (NT - 2) 3.5%
6. Nomadic Tribe (Vanjari and other notified tribes) (NT - 3) 02%
7. Other Backward Class (OBC) 09%
8. Special Backward Class (SBC) 02%
Total of Category - I 52%

Category - II JR

A. (a) Dependent wards of
(i) Employees on transfer, (ii) Employees of Defence forces, (iii) Ex. Servicemen, (iv) ''Freedom fighters, and
(b) Handicapped children including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia,
Dysgraphia and Spastics affected, etc. 05
B. Sports, Games and Cultural achievers 02
C. College Management 15
Total - of Category - II 12
Category - III 36
Open / General Merit
Grand Total 100%