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Guidelins for College Examinations

Junior College students will have to appear for 2 Unit Tests and 2 Term End examination. Guardians / Parents of the Junior College students should should verify the performance of their ward's examinations by scrutinizing the Progress card. Parents and Guardians are welcome to contact the Jr. Collage Principal, Class Teacher for any clarification. According to the rules laid down by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Promotion to the SYJC class will be determined on the basis of the marks obtained at the (A) Unit Tests and (B) Two Term - end examination and (C) (300). The final result of a student will be decided on the basis of the average of marks obtained at these / examination, the formula being = (a) + (b) + (c) / 3 per subject. Anyone who fails to appear for the Term end Examination on medical ground should inform the college office within two days, supported by medical certificate. It is mandatory for such students to appear for the supplementary examination. Those who do not complete this requirement will not be promoted.

1st Term : June to Oct. 2nd Term : November to April
Mininum 75% Attendance in Each term is required

HSC Exam in Feb. / March
Orals and Assignment for languages,
Tutorials for all subjects including, practicals for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology project compulsory for EVS. XI Project 15 December)
E.V.S. - Theory of 60 Marks exam in Feb for XII.